WaRuz rice is a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle. Our farmers believe in growing rice using methods that conserve and sustain the land. The result is rice that is pure, healthful, and that maintains the integrity of the land on which it grows. WaRuz is proud to offer its products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

WaRuz grows high-quality long grain rice. Our Basmati-style rice mimics Indian and Pakistani-grown Basmati rice with its similar taste, texture, and aroma. The land and climate surround the WaRuz farm are ideal for producing Basmati-style rice. WaRuz Basmati-style rice is a nearly identical alternative to Indian and Pakistani Basmati-rice and has the added benefit of selling at a lower price.

The WaRuz farm is located along the fertile Mekong River, in Kampong Thom, Cambodia. Cambodia has ideal climate patterns and rich soil for growing rice, enabling WaRuz to supply high-quality rice year round.