WaRuz is a firm believer in sustainability. Our farmers strive to be stewards of the land. We believe that healthy, nutrient-filled soil will produce healthful rice. Natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly methods are used to maintain our land and grow our rice. Use of fertilizers and pesticides with harmful chemicals is employed only when absolutely necessary, minimizing the release of toxins into the environment.

Sustainability is not just limited to maintaining the health of land. WaRuz believes sustainability also includes bringing vitality to our community. We train our cooperative farmers in improved rice-growing techniques to help them grow the very best rice possible. We also open our milling facilities to local farmers, enabling them to mill higher quality when compared to traditional milling methods. With access to modern growing and milling techniques, small farmers are able to improve the quality of their rice. This enables their rice to sell at much higher prices than traditionally grown and milled rice.